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America, Wake Up!



“America, wake up!   We have been conned with the BIG-LIE that we are free people, when the fact is:   We have become a nation of debt-shackled, “news-controlled” tax slaves of a few privileged bankers who control most all legislation, commerce and “national-news” in our country.   And, we Americans cannot get free from this insidious entrapment…unless a majority of us awakens to this truth.”



This quote from Media By-Pass Magazine is an apt summary of why America has so much so-called “national debt”.



Reality of Money briefly gives the “What, Where, When, Why and How” this all happened, but more importantly, it provides the reader with the solution and an easy plan of action to follow to begin to change this faulty paradigm of money to a more fair and just system for all, and not just for the bankers.



Independent Praise for Reality of Money, by Stephen Clark and Frank Wallace:


“…is a bold and compelling narrative that will surely awaken the reader to the usury swindles perpetuated by the Federal Reserve Banks, a private corporation that is no part of our government.  Frank Wallace and Stephen Clark are to be commended for their dauntless research into the constitutional failure, corruption, and deteriorating monetary system all Americans now endure.”   


George S. Gabric, GSG & Associates, Publishers of Tragedy And Hope: A History of The World In Our Time, The Evolution Of Civilization: An Introduction to Historical, Political Analysis, and The Anglo-American Establishment, titles by the late Georgetown University History Professor, Carroll Quigley



The following is a review of Reality of Money that was published in the Mississippi Sun Herald on August 22, 2008 as a Letter to the Editor:



[ caption ] Don’t judge a book by its cover … or thickness


                I have read several lengthy and scholarly books about the Federal Reserve.  So when I received a phone call from Stephen Clark (Diamondhead) and Frank Wallace (Biloxi) that they had written a book about the Federal Reserve System, I procrastinated in purchasing it and reading it.  Well, a prophet is without honor in his hometown.


                At the bookstore, I almost did not purchase the book.  I thought it was too thin.  I’ve read lots of heavy stuff about the Federal Reserve, and, I thought, this book can’t possibly inform me of anything I don’t already know.  I was wrong.


                But I recalled Francis Bradford, Nancy Youst and Margaret Evans – three of Gulfport High School’s finest in the 1960s.  They taught, “Have something to say and say it in as few words as possible.”


                Reality of Money by our local authors is a must read for every patriotic American who hates tyranny.  Buy it, read it, be enlightened by it.  It far surpasses all scholarly books and can be read in one night.”


                                                                                John Mozingo Jr.

                                                                                Gulfport, MS